When it comes to your home's landscaping, both "hardscaping"and "softscapes" are important elements in your overall design. All Seasons has professionally-trained craftsmen on staff who specialize in "hardscape" construction using stonework and masonry. Hardscaping is something that definitely should be addressed.Your hardscaping provides an additional way to add variety and focus to your exterior design

Driveways and walkways

An  impressive landscape begins at the cur, which means there's no better place to start your residential hardscape construction than with a well designed, well-built driveway.

We construct the following types of hardscaping:

  • Stacked Stone Walls
  • Pergolas, arbors & gazebos
  • Garden Steps & beds
  • Entryways and stairways
  • Stone or Paver Patios
  • Fences
  • Garden Benches
  • Walkways

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can provide a barrier to keep your soil in place and prevent mud or small rivulets from coming down the slope and ruining your lower-level landscaping. The stone blocks and other materials used in retaining walls stand up to long-term exposure to water, and act as a drainage regulator to provide proper runoff. This can mean avoiding erosion that would otherwise cause tens, or even thousands of dollars in damage over time, if left unchecked.